NHL 08 on Wii: How it could work


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Oct 2, 2007
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Sitting here in my college commons, using the wireless to watch the Flyers since I have a bandwidth limit, and seeing posts about Madden and NBA Live motion controls, I have come to the conclusion that NHL 08 could work on Wii, with good motion controls. Here's my ideas:

Skill stick could be activated by holding a button and moving the wiimote around like a stick to deke. For those that don't know the skill stick is a 360-only feature i think, where the right analog stick dekes and shoots, as well as hits.

On defense, shake or push the wiimote ahead to hit the nearest guy/guy with the puck. Maybe nunchuk and wiimote motions for cross checks? Hold a button and shake for poke checks?

To aim, the nunchuk would be used, and when you shoot, it goes wherever your indicating with the nunchuk. By the nunchuk i mean the analog stick on it, similar to using the 360's left stick.

Come to think of it, if you wanted to go all out, you could shake the nunchuk to poke check and shake both to dive for the puck or block a shot.

As you can see, motion sensing for NHL 08/NHL 08 in general could definitely work on the Wii. I'm sure EA is making the right decision and holding it until it's perfect, but these just seemed obvious to me.

Also to be taken into account: the word "Shake " for the motion controls could easily be replaced with any word or motion tat would make it more like real hockey, and maybe it could be customizable based on level of skill. Also maybe a more traditional set up or user-made limitations for what uses motions and what doesn't.

Hope this got people thinking that hockey on Wii is possible.
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doesn't anyone like hockey?
Id love to see a Ice Hockey game for the Wii i think it would have massive potential to be a great game.