Nintendo Brings Common Knowledge to Wii


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Oct 24, 2007
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January 22, 2008 - One of Nintendo's many successful "non-games" is making the trip to the big screen. Nintendo Japan announced today Everyone's Common Knowledge Television (Minna no Joushikiryoku Terebi) for the Wii.

Like the popular Common Knowledge Training for Adults DS title from last year, Everyone's Common Knowledge Television attempts to teach players the kinds of things everyone should know regarding sports, fashion, cooking, manners, health, society and various other fields. You're given the chance to test out your common knowledge quotient and work through training exercises to improve it.

Up to six players can save data with the game, meaning the whole family can take part (assuming you don't have more than six members in your family, at least).

Nintendo will be putting all those nifty Wii features to use to add to the experience. Wi-Fi will be used to automatically download new quizzes, including questions that reflect current events. Wi-Fi will also be used for nation-wide common knowledge check-ups. Mii support is also being included, allowing you to play as your avatar.

The game even takes advantage of the greater presentational capabilities the Wii offers over the DS. In addition to picture and text-based questions, you'll find questions that use video and sound.

Common knowledge meets the Wii in Japan on March 6 at a cost of 4,800 yen. An international release has yet to be announced.

oh boy another party game is all we need. but hint at dlc?