Nintendo Channel slow video upload


WiiChat Member
Jan 25, 2009

Almost every time I use the Nintendo Channel to get news of new games or stuff coming out from Nintendo, I'm really disappointed. THat's because when I watch a video, it always cut in a middle of a sentence like if it did not buffered enough of the video to make it smooth. This make almost the whole channel useless.

I have a 5 Mbps high speed network connection. So that should be OK in theory. If I watch YouTube video from my Apple TV, all is working fine.

Any idea of what I can do to get this working as it should? Maybe a port forwarding on my wireless router? I'm using an Apple Time Capsule as my network router.

Thanks for any help.
Hello i also have the same problem when tryng to watch something on the nintendo channel,

Im using a Wired Router Conection and as far as i know its the fastest possible connection for the wii,the problem might be that the channel could be in america and thats why the video's take so long,its only a theory.