Nintendo WiFi USB Adaptor -plugged into the wii-


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Feb 12, 2009
Okay, so I tried googling to find out if this would work, and came to this site because of a thread I figured would answer my question,

But, this seems to be someone asking if the USB adaptor will allowa Wii to use it as an AP, to get onto the Internet, or if it only worked with the DS.

First off my home network is setup for WPA, not WEP, so my DS won't connect to my router, while everything else in the house works fine, so I don't consider stepping down to WEP an option right now if all I need to do is buy a $30 usb adaptor.

My Question is this: If I buy the USB adaptor, and plug it into one of the USB slots /on/ my Wii, will it act like an AP for my DS?

Or does the usb one just act as an AP via some sort of software and Internet Connection Sharing in Windows?
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Well, after running the DS Download application on the Wii, I've noticed that the Wii requires dropping the WPA connection to my router in order to connect (with its internal wireless chipset) to the DS via WEP. Plus from what I can tell, the USB adaptor uses windows software to share the internet connection, and not hardware like I assumed.

So I believe using the USB adaptor wouldn't help me much as the Wii wont run the ICS software. It does however beg the question, if I use the USB LAN adaptor (ethernet) for the Wii, /then/ maybe could it act as an AP for the DS? Or is it like the PS3 in that it may only use one chipset at a time eth0/wlan0 ?

I'm getting to the point where if there is a Nintendo designed solution in mind I'd be grateful to hear it, as downgrading to WEP on my network isn't an option, and buying a 2nd AP just for 1 device seems overkill.
The USB WiFi adapter will not work through the Wii at all.
It only works as an access point to enable a wireless connection through a PC with internet connection sharing enabled.

You can keep your WiFi connection to the router with the Wii and connect your DS through the USB adapter on your PC. That way you can keep WPA on the router. This is your only option without switching to WEP to allow the DS to access the router.

Forget about trying to use the Wii as an access point for the DS in anyway, there is no way to do it.