NIntendo Wii Bump mapping or displacement?!


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Aug 8, 2006
So whats the deal does any one know? Does the Wii do bump mapping or replacement mapping. Replacement mapping is suposed to be superior to bump mapping.
If nintendo does either than that will improove the graphics soooo much...
Does IT?...
i remeber readin an article saying it will support bump mapping, i'm not sure if it was wiki or but i certainly remember reading it, i mean they should damnit, its next gen already
WHAT IS BUMP MAPPING!? i read a cubetoon on ign and the Wii fanboy was like: nooooooo! wii wont support normal bump mapping! NOOOO then the other 2 were like: do you even know waht that is? and he replied: no but Wii iS DOOOOOOOOMED
but at the time it was a rumor
Bump mapping is like.. doing some stuff to make the things are actually just textured on to the character look like it is an actually part of the model instead of the texture. An example of it is like, a player model has a belt textured on to his shirt, instead of being an actual part of the model. The people making that player model can use bump mapping to make it actually look bumped up.
i see, welcome to the forums oreo (im the popular-everyones-favorite-guy around here)
Well. Chances are that wii will support bump mapping. It may not support NORMAL mapping or parallax mapping. Bump mapping is just a trick that makes the texture looks like its... bumpy. It does this basically by using the lights to emboss things.

Normal mapping on the other hand looks really good. It truly looks like things stick out.

The reason I think that wii will support bump mapping is that it is a fairly old technique used in tons of games. Iv'e never noticed, but I wouldn't be surprised if gamecube supported bump mapping.

Bump Mapping:(Small... bumps[the one on the right obviously!])

Steep Parallax Mapping: (notice how its nice and bumpy)

And then there is Normal Mapping... insn't that just b-e-a-utifull:
I Hope It DOes Have At Least Bump Mapping...

Nice Examples DarkDepths...
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Yeah but replacement mapping is the best
go to wikipedia for the info, if the wii does it really won't even matter about the graphical power. If it has a type of mapping than on a tv it look just as good as 360 and ps3. It will be less detailed but will look just as good...
Sovieto said:
i see, welcome to the forums oreo (im the popular-everyones-favorite-guy around here)

lawl Mr. Modesty.

I doubt the Wii will support bump mapping just because of it's limited graphical power, but it would be awesome if Nintendo could somehow manage it.

What is replacement mapping? is there such a thing? I can't find anything on it :\.

Firstly, I'm guessing regular Bump Maps will be supported. I'm not sure about Normal Maps and/or Parallax Maps though.

I'd forget about Displacement Maps, I thinks they require alot more power, and I've never heard of them being used in Real Time Rendering. You see Displacement Maps actually alter the geometry of an object, and Bump/Normal Mapping just alters how the light appears on an object. I should also mention that I think Parallax Mapping builds off Bump/Normal Mapping, and just alters/displaces the Texture Coordinates.

So basically... Bump Maps add the illusion of depth in only 1 direction, Normal Maps add the illusion of depth in all 3 directions, and Parallax Maps are just a clever trick to add the illusion of even more depth :).

To learn more see..., and

Finally, some may find this (, page 10) thread intereseting, it has some nice examples of Normal Mapping. Please don't get confused between the HighRes Mesh, and the LowRes Mesh with Normal Map applied ;).

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