Nintendo wii How much?

andreas221 said:
it's sopose to be bout 200 to 250.:)

Its supposed to be about 150 to 250.

Apart from that i would pay just as much as i would for the xbox if i had to. In my opinion the Wii is better so there is no reason why i would demand it any cheaper.
That said im quite poor (-$130 in fact), but if the wii cost more, id just work harder for it.
I would go up untill it hit about $350 becuase it would still be much cheaper then any ofther of the next gen systems.
For the wii I would pay a max of $300 because if it were more then that it would not be worth it.
Well, Reggie Fils-Aime said that the Wii will be no more than $222 American or $250 Canadian. This is good for me, because I already have this money in my pocket as we speak.