Nintendo Wii Savings


The Crusher
May 21, 2006
What's Your Nintendo Wii Savings?

Mines $265 US and growing by about 45-50 a week.
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I have about $800 AUS in my bank account, which I'm ready to spend for the Wii and some games & accessories. :D
:D I have 160$ and I'm still saving, because I seriously don't know the price of the console. I hope it launches at 150$ US so I can buy it at launch.
I have a grand total of $5! Yes, that's my contribution so far for paying the Wii at least. XD
my wii saving is my mum LOL and i will sell my psp and get a paper round to spend on as many games i like i also want more than two controllers if you can use them. can you? any way i cant wait for games like sonic metroid and red steel
I've got like 28$ US and I hope to get a job this summer to pay off the rest. Also I will be preordering it so I can use money on other things, actually I just looked and I only have 20 dollars, so I'm further away than I thought. But I will still save.
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I'm lucky enough to not have to save up for it. I'll probably pre-order out of pure convenience to not have to worry about it. I'll also probably pre-order from an etailer so it just shows up at my door when it comes out.
I have just enough for a Wii, but not any extra for games... still saving up though. Can't wait to get one ^_^
same im getting one at christmas probably get the console and four controllers and nunchuks and if availible two gun cradles and two games wario ware and wii sports and have a big party!!!!!! :)
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I have been putting off all gaming until Wii launch date, where I will reward myself by purchasing a Wii with all of the extra cash I have earned from disciplining myself right now to keep working hard and making money developing websites.