No major league baseball game for Wii?


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Mar 15, 2007
Am I confused, or is there no major league baseball game for the Wii? MLB 2k7 is apparently available for every platform EXCEPT Wii and GC. Though it IS available for DS. What's going on here? Does Nintendo really think there's no interest in a baseball game?
Something is sure to come, just live off WiiSports for the moment.
^^ wha?

I think that we will see every game from wii sports. Because of the awsomeness of wiisports! But untill then do what FR. said
Yeah baseball is one game that i wouldn't have minded a port over. I just want to play a baseball game where i can swing the bat and throw the ball, and actually field. and i've heard about the bigs. 1) what is it? 2) is it simulation like mlb 07 or more like a fun game such as nba street hoops? 3) whens it coming out?
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thank you for enlightening me to "The Bigs." I certainly hope it comes out soon, with the MLB season starting in less than 3 weeks!
MLB 2K7 was originally planned to come out for the Wii this year, but was delayed so they scraped it this year and said 2K8 will be on the Wii for all sports. Until then, its just The Bigs this year.
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According to the Electronics Boutique store at Kenwood Mall near Cincinnati, The Bigs for the Wii is on their calendar for release on June 2, 2007.