No More Heroes


Waluigi The Great
Jun 12, 2006
Wii Online Code
The game Heroes is now going to bee known as No More Heroes. It's an ok name change, but it's better than Wildfire to Sonic & The Secret Rings

New info on No More Heroes:

1. The version of the game running right now is about 35% of the final build
2. Weapon and vehicle design is being handled by Shigeto Koyama
3. Character design by Yusuke Kozaki
4. Wiimote control is important. You keep the Wiimote either high, low, or centered to put the main character into certain fighting stances. Standard attacks are performed with the A button.
5. The Wiimote vibrates in conjuction with the Beam Katana
6. Finishing moves are performed by matching on screen gestures
7. The main city in the game is called Santa Destroy
8. You move about the game either by foot, or on your “motorcycle”, all of your own accord
9. You take mission objectives (murder targets) in order to collect money, or gain new weapons
10. You begin each day in a motel where you can change clothing and equipment. There are said to be over 100 t-shirts to collect.

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