NTSC Wii and Games played in a PAL region


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Jun 23, 2009
Hi all! I'm new to Wii Chat & can't wait to learn some new stuff.

Anywho....my family is moving from the US to Australia later this year and we are wondering if we could take our US Wii (NTSC) to Australia with us (PAL) format. We have a ton of games for it and don't really want to play any that are from Australia (we'll just have friends send over some if we want more). Can we play them ok over there? Will we just need a power converter to plug it in? Will it need special cords to connect it to the tv? ~ Thanks in advance!! Jackie :)
You will definetely need a power converter, the TV cables are the same (Skart or component), and I'm pretty sure a NTSC Wii works on an Australian TV (as far as I know TV's aren't region locked), providing you use NTSC games (and maybe Motes, not sure about that . . .

Long sentence :p