nunchuk controller

It will, believe me!
They would'nt release the Nunchuk controller separatly just to make more money, like would Microsoft or Sony (I know this has been said in another thread but well, still true :D). Also, why do people even WONDER if it will come with the Wii? I mean...That's logic! We can play all games with the Wiimote, even those which dont require the bluetooth technology... So why would we only get the Classic Remote if we can't play half the games with it?!
iPanic I think u are confused. The Nunchuck is just another add-on necessary to play some games, so yes, when u buy ur wii-mote it will come with the nunchuck, and I already posted something like this :D
!panic, I think you are still confused. I dont think he was disagreeing, he was just informing you that is was an addon, not a seperate controller! There was also a release a month or two ago saying that it would come with the nunchuk attachment.