Official 'Wii keep our promise' discussion


Apr 30, 2006
About 20mins left until the Nintendo conference!

Can we keep all related discussion in this thread please as to not clog the forum with multiple threads on the subject :)

IGN are reporting a blow by blow account - might wanna keep refreshing this page:

The show is over!

Mario Strikers Charged announced and a playable demo shown.
Battalion Wars 2 (BWii) announced
Oh and they announced a pink DS Lite

To quote’s excellent live update:

“That seems to be our lot. So, in summary - the actually new things from the last hour were... Mario Strikers Charged; Battalion Wars 2; a pink DS Lite on October 27th; and about 300 pictures of a model with erect nipples on Pat's camera.”
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10:05AM: The buzz is picking up with international media now converging on Hall 5 to hear Nintendo deliver their presentation. 10 minutes to go!
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I've just been shown an invitation to an event Nintendo are yet to unveil to the media. Could this be where Nintendo unveil the release date and price, or will that be this morning, here at the Games Convention? Not long now until we find out. Here's a scan of the invite:

The presentation is about to start.
Ok, iOn, do u no if there is a live feed, if u dont want to answer or somtin just delete my post ok? seriously i dont mind cause u already done so much for us with wiichat.
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the link is fine, its not our bandwidth :)
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1:31 a.m.: Speaker takes stage and promises "surprise" announcements
i clicked the link and it is showing some r and b music video did i do the right thing?