Old Wii fit compatibility


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Oct 19, 2012
New Jersey
My wife has an old Wii fit board (the original) and our Wii console needs repairs. Is the old Wii Fit board compatible with the new Wii systems? I'm trying to decide whether to send my old Wii console in for repairs (it's an original that i got when it first came out) or buy the new one.

Also, can i transfer my game saves from the old wii to the new with an SD card without any issues?
I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't be compatible. Original Wii Remotes released in '06 work perfectly fine on the most up to date Wii firmware and consoles, so common sense dictates it should. Unfortunately, I've no experience with balance boards or the games they work with, so this is all speculation and I may be dead wrong.

However, I do know that game saves can be stored on as well as transferred from one Wii to another via SD card if said save data is allowed to be moved onto the SD. Games that have online multiplayer or functions generally won't allow their save data to be put onto any external device like an SD card.