Omg Read This Prooves Release Date Release


Aug 6, 2006
OKAOSFJHJSHGJASG Sorry so excited...Nintendo said they would give release date stuff BY September, that means BEFORE, so BY september is September 1, 23ard is 7 or 8 days away from september so this means...TOMORROW WE DO GET THE RELEASE DATE!! HOO RAH! ITS MY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL I WILL BE EXCITED TO COME HOME THEN GET TEH RELEASE DATE ! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
yeah ur right about before September that doesnt necessarily mean that we will definatley get the release date but it really doesnt matter because ud still have to wait if it came out tommarow then id be extremley excited but unfortunatley it does not
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In a recent Japanese business even, Nintendo President Iwata said the Wii’s release date and price will be revealed by September of this year
WOOT! I hope that they stick with their planned November release date! :D
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Stick with planned november release date? Where dose it sya that
Jeez Man, Calm Down... We NEver KNow When The Release Date Will Be, So We Just Need To Wait Till We're Sure!
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Dude We Cant Calm Down, Weve Strectched The Info We Have For Tooooooooooooooooo Long Were Finaly Gonna Get Some More Facts
no really, calm down, they said BY september...not "on the VERY first day of september" it'll could probably be september 3rd or something