Onslaught Team Up

Twilight Hero

May 25, 2007
So I just downloaded Onslaught like 5 minutes ago and I want to team up with three other players. Is there anyone with the game yet?
I'll be getting it today hopefully
I'll probably be online in a couple of hours from now if anyone is around for a bit of multiplayer blasting?
I purchased it yesterday, haven't done a whole lot yet, controls are a little hard for me to use yet, i allways get crowded by aliens and die lol...

Will post my code fcode later, but my Name is Raven, as it is on cod waw
i would like to team up with ya twilight. it could help us understand each other better too when it comes to shooters anyway :]

i bought it yesterday so when i go online i will post here with my fc.
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I can't wait to play with you Jon. =D

Hey kubo, Onslaught is an alien bug FPS that you can buy on Wiiware for 1000 points.
oh.... is it alright? Btw i sold animal crossing...... got boring since you were never on!
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Oh darn. Well, at least we can still talk over Wiispeak. But it would have been nicer to talk while in each other's towns. =[

Onslaught is really nice and quite a bargain.
360 is horrid ha ha. well i don't like but i can see why others do.
and i am excited to play with you too twi but i'm sure you will beat me 80 percent of the time cause i've only played for like 5 minutes. :}
I have onslaught and am looking for friends. All my codes are in my signature.

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