Order Wii Play


Aug 6, 2006
Once again, the Wii jokes are on the verge of their death, to the point where their normal, not funny.
So with all this game talk, console talk, talk talk, I think there is one thing we haven't decided to do!
When we first get our Wii, what order are we gonna play our games?!

I haven't decided, I know I'm getting Red Steel and Zelda at launch. But I have 3 options. Do I want to get a good feel of games with Wii Sports first! Or do I want to play the game I've been waiting to play since ever which is Zelda, or do I play a game built ground-up for the Wii that is not simple like Wii Sports and will give me a feel of all the FPSs to come which is Red Steel?
What are your reasons for playing which games first? Will you try to mash all your games into the disc slot at once?:crazy: Or do eny-meany-miney-mo? Anyone care to persuade me of what to get?

Talk. :)
ill probably play wii sports first to get a feel for the system :p but thats just me
Hahah! I doubt the Wii jokes are over.. Not yet, anyways. Anyways, it is given that I get Red Steel and Zelda. The games I am really interested in are currently: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Elebits, and Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam.

So, it goes like this...

Wii Sports
Zelda: Twilight Princess
Red Steel
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam

and then whatever else I get :smilewinkgrin:
Don't make me decide.

I think I'll get 2 Wiis. One for Red Steel, and one for Zelda. And play them at the same time. If I start to think about these things I get scared, because I don't want to get too into one game and then forget to play the other. Gotta go with the general consensus, so when people start posting "Hey, I found a secret sword thing in zelda: TP [SPOILERS]" I can actually read it without being scared of ruining it for me.
I was worried about only getting 2 games at launch but once I started thinking about it, not only will I get Wii games with 5 different sports but I am also getting Zelda (which I read has 70 hours of gameplay or so.) and Red Steel (Haven't heard how long it's supposed to be.)

So I think I will be plenty entertained for awhile. :)
Zelda easily I mean I've been wating for this game since it was announced............ how ever long ago that was