Play N64,SNES,Sega,GC games on Wii


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Jun 17, 2009
Why to buy all the games,when you can play backups on wii,no modchip,nothing,only software to play all games.
But wait not only wii games,you can play your old gamecube games too,and thats hot all,you can play homebrew games you can have all in one box,and that box is wii.
most peopla still have gamecube games,or just wanna play some of them but dont have gamecube.but you dont need to have gamecube to play MGS twin snakes,or resident evil 0,1,2,3,4 , or super mario,or metroid. you just can play all these games now on wii.
But thats not all. if you like old N64,SNES,or sega games you can play all of them too.just everything from past you can play now
no cd,no midchip

So just safe your money and play backups on Wii

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