Please Help. It depends on the chance of getting a SLEW of Gold pants miis. HELP ME!

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Sep 16, 2007
Wii Online Code
Now, I have a mac os x, and bluetooth. I can connect to bluetooth, but I can't connect to the software "mii transfer". It says "1.Press 1 and 2 button" *presses 1 and 2 button* 2. Press Sync button. I PRESS SYNC AND IT SAYS "wiiremote discovery error." PLEASE HELP.

PS. I'll talk about the pants when someone answers this.
thats called hacking and the form does not allow it got to some other site
He can do whatever he wants with his Nintendo.

I didn't know you could do that, is it really worth it?
its not really hacking. your just editing your mii but doin it on the pc instead of the wii.
i have gold pants on my mii
Bigjake52 said:
I would not do it that is for shure thats called hacking
Wow.... You act that "hacking" like a cardinal sin. :)

Speaking of hacking...
American Heritage Dictionary said:
v. intr.

1. To chop or cut something by hacking.
2. Informal
1. To write or refine computer programs skillfully.
2. To use one's skill in computer programming to gain illegal or unauthorized access to a file or network: hacked into the company's intranet.
3. To cough roughly or harshly.
I guess you could call connecting the Wii-Remote to your computer's BlueTooth "hacking" since Nintendo doesn't "authorize" it, however I've never read anywhere that prohibits there usage outside of the Wii either. It's not like these wonderful tools need modification, as they will connect to a Mac or PC registering as "Nintendo RVL-CNT-01" (at least with my experience they do), and you can do so without modification and/or "hacking" in the process.

The act of modifying Mii data however, IS a form of hacking. :) Most end-user agreements prohibit ANY kind of modification/reverse engineering/"hacking" of any kind to there software and/or associated data, however Nintendo and most companies are not concerned so much with it as long as you are not cheating them out of profits. This is the reason why software like the Game Shark and Action Replay exist, while unlicensed, however this form of "hacking" software doesn't altercate or prevent sales. In some ways Action Replay and Game Shark promote them since even if they buy the title there are always around that annoying difficulty. (The same could be said about Mii Editors, and why Nintendo has left them alone.)

Basically, if you are not making profit from hacked versions of there software and it's not hurting there sales, most companies generally don't care. Again, chances are it is a violation of there end-user agreements, but such things are in place to protect the companies (aka there profits), and no matter they want you to enjoy there available product to it's fullest extent. The popularity of hacks and homebrew have grown to an all time high, high enough that even Nintendo and Microsoft are now opening the doors to would-be developers to push there creations using provided tools (XNA and WiiWare for example). This all started by creative programmers wanting something more from there hardware, and it's roots stem from hacking and the public loving every minute of it. :)

I personally would reconsider your position and suggest directing that sort of "concern" to those who use "hacking" as a means to steal from our respectable companies, and respect those of talent who are simply giving the community more choices WITHOUT theft. I know at least Nintendo and Microsoft respect them, otherwise there push to give them the tools and open the doors to such programmers would have never been considered. :)

As always, report any concerns to Nintendo or talk to there Customer Support by e-mail or phone, at least then if there is a problem it can be addressed and taken care of. Likewise have fun with your Wii and it's accessories, even if it's being used inside or out of it's designed intentions. If you are not hurting anyone or breaking any rules or laws, I say more power to you. :)

(For the person having trouble, I suggest looking into alternative BlueTooth stacks, I've heard that some software compatible with the Wii-Remote is NOT compatible with some BlueTooth stacks, therefore I advise you to read up on your choice software's documentation to get familiar with which types of software and hardware is compatible. :) )