Power Glove


Aug 29, 2006
What the heck is a power glove?
Can someone please tell me?
There is this some called "Cutsman" by "Horse the Band" in whioch the begining starts with somwe people saying power glove and stuff like that.
hahaha omg im listening to horse the band right now.

horse the band is a...well band. and in their song "cutsman" they mention the powerglove in the begining, and the end.

i cant beleieve you brought this up!

"cutsman" is a boss in megaman with scissors on his head and that is what the song is about. the powerglove part? well that probably comes from a part in a movie.
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yeah I knew he was a mega man boss but What is a power glove.
By the way my favorite song is "Thus Spake the Kangarooster" kekek
But seriously, I know it is from a old game or something, I just know
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yo yo check it

check it yo yo

its probably fake but thats something to look at.
A power glove is an accessory for the NES.

It had a D-pad, A, B buttons and 0-9 buttons that could control different things like increasing or decreasing the firing rate of the A and B buttons. It also had some kind of sensor.

Read more about it on:

I knew some one that had one
twas rubish