ps3 out today

Well its only 6:42am here, and unless there were many midnight launches last night, no many have them yet. I went driving around, and there were lineups... so it's just a matter of time. :lol:
I swung by a mall on my way in to work - at about 4:45a, the Best Buy had about 15 (give or take 5) and the Target had about 10. I figured that would make my chances of getting one slim, so I just came into work.
Lol, seriously.
I betcha atleast 6/10 of every PS3 will be sold on Ebay.
FTW - the radio just interviewed the ppl in line at Best Buy here in New Orleans, and the first guy in line had been there since Monday -

The reporter asks hi if he's going to play his PS3 after he gets it (in an hour)...

The dude says, "nah, man, I'm goin' to sleep." ftw.
Lol, the guy must be crazy if he got there Monday. And He gonna go to sleep :(
if i cant get one on launch by waitin 9-10 hours then SCREW IT (till it becomes more readily available!!!). Don't these fools have jobs?!?!?!
Some people are that dedicated man. You can't knock it though. I know I would have never waited outside since Monday. I watched the Ps3 launch party on Gamespot which was held in New York City. Some interesting stuff. They gave away FREE Ps3's to the first 3 people in line then raffled off another 5 or 6. Lucky bastards.
Oh, ABC, I'm not knocking it - hell, if I could get away with it, I'd spend a week in line, too, but I got all kinds of RL things that wouldn't let me.

I don't there's anyone on this forums who would disagree with waiting in line for 5 or 6 days to make a $2,000 profit at the end of the week. As for just wanting to play it... well, that seems a little obsessive (but what do I know - I'm just obsessing over the $$$)