Punch-Out!! Wii dev wants to evolve franchise with sequel


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Feb 7, 2007
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Punch-Out!! producer Ken Yeeloy has expressed a desire to develop a sequel to the cartoony Wii boxing game in a recent interview with Official Nintendo Magazine.

While the original Punch-Out!! for Wii established the game's deep connections with the NES original, Yeloy sees a possible sequel as a chance to further "evolve the franchise further and add some cool, new things."

Gameplay lead Bryce Halliday pointed out that things would definitely change in the sequel. "Cooperative, competitive multiplayer support or create-a-boss mode would be places to start but we'd need to come up with a new 'hook' like the motion controllers gave us in this iteration," he said.

heres the link http://wii.qj.net/Punch-Out-Wii-dev-wants-to-evolve-franchise-with-sequel/pg/49/aid/133465

For one thing please Put Referee Mario back in the game! and why i wonder Mike Tyson wasn't in the wii version.

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