Question about friend codes


Pure Awsomeness
Jun 28, 2009
Michigan, USA
Wii Online Code
I have rented the Conduit for 2 days (I get payed on friday so im gonna buy it then). I would like to start addin friends but I don't know if the friend codes vary buy disc or by system.

So the question is, do the friend code of a game vary by disc (Every disc have a different friend code) or by system (A generated friend code is kept in the game's save data)?
Every friend code varies by disc. The only thing that the Wii friend code does is allow you to send messages/voice chat with your friend, or other things that might be used within the game via wiiconnect24.
I think what he was trying to say is that each different game has a different friend code. Once a friend code is generated for you for a game, it's attached to your game data profile. If you swap discs of the same game, it won't make a difference to your friend code for that game.