Question about Online Play


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Mar 28, 2009
I have a question about Wii Online Play....
I own a Wii (although I honestly haven't bought many games for it yet except for the Wii Fit.) I was enjoying my Xbox 360 more honestly.

I have ran into an issue though that might bring me to where I like Wii better if it is possible.

My question is it possible for more than one player to play online on a Wii per console.

Such as if my friends in CA had a Wii could they both play online with me (at the same time) with the Wii. I know in the Xbox it is possble with certain games...but not all games. (Games such as Halo 3) I would like to play simple games such as Minigolf online with both of my friends at the same time (or maybe some other games but, since they both don't care for FPS games....XBox 360 doesn't work for us.)

Thanks for all your help.
Some games allow multiple players online from one Wii .. .. .. Mario Kart definitely does .. .. .. but the majority that I've encountered do not.
You can brawl also but only vs. friends. (people you have added as friends).
You cant play Basic or Team anon. online.