Question for those of you who have wii preorder


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Oct 22, 2006
hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows from preordering any console's in the past if you still have to show up early for launch even though you allready preorder the system at lets just say Gamestop for example to insure getting a wii? anyone have any concerns on this? or how it works? is it still first come first serve for preorders aswell even though you might have been #1 in line?
Well i havent pre-ordered my Wii or anything but just using my common sense I would think that this is how it works
1) Nintendo tells the store how many Wii's they get on launch
2) The store takes the orders of the exact number of consoles they get on launch
3) They hand them out of release day for the people who pre-ordered

Thats how it works I think.... :hopes:
on the notice that gamestop/eb gives you it states that if you reserve the console it also reserves you a spot in line
they will call you and let you know they have your wii so i dnt think you have to be there early...if they give it away SUE EM!!!!
yah I called eb games yesterday and asked just to make sure... he said as long as Nintendo does not mess up their shipping orders, I am guarunteed a nintendo wii on launch day. so i wont have to wait outside really early or anything. I already did my waiting on the day of the preorder
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