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Dec 1, 2007
Augusta, GA
My homeboy got an iTouch recently and he's been trying to stunt on me cuz of it. I need to get an iPhone so I can trump him.

Problem is I need a few questions answered so I don't waste my money.

I know you need AT&T to use an iPhone unless of course it's been "Jail Broken" but I don't want to do that, especially since I already use AT&T.

My first question is, does it need to be activated to use all the non-phone programs? For example, if I were to cancel my wireless phone contract, would I still be able to use all the non-phone things like listen to my music and browse the internet like an iTouch?

2nd question is, If I use the internet on my iPhone will I be charged for online data? or I can I still use it for free if I have a WiFi connection, for example at my house, at campus, at my friends house (all have WiFi).

Last, I heard since it used as both a Phone and Ipod that it's slower than just an iTouch because their are more programs running at once, if so... how much slower is the iPhone and does it make everything slower, like watching a youtube video?
It costs money to turn on your iphone, it needs the internet to live.
with the iphone, just make sure you don't accidentally go into your PHONES internet, cause my dad went on it for about 10 minutes an had to pay 200 dollars.

I say you should get the n96. 5 mega pixel camera, and just looks better. You could brag to him :)
of yuo're just getting it to trump him, then its a pointless waste of money if you dont need, or didnt really want it in the first place.
you will always be trumped in life. get use to it,
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haha, im not getting it simply to trump him ;) That's just a plus, ive always wanted an iTouch and I figured since i'm already with AT&T I don't have to jailbreak it to use it.

I did read on that you can still use the iPhone once it's been activated even if you cancel your wireless subscription so long as you keep your SIM card in the phone.

So I guess that part is done with, but do I have to pay some kind of fee to "activate" my iPhone? Because I already payed an activation fee when I first got my contract. Can I just buy an iPhone, take my current SIM card and stick it inside or do I have to pay?

Also, how do I know if im using the PHONES internet and not WiFi? I do not want to accidentally use the phones internet and get charged a bunch of money.
my dad just gave me his iphone :) cause he is getting the blackberry for free.
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Brownies, then you are the perfect person to answer the questions I have >.<

I feel like one of those people who go into the 360 forums asking about the console and Wii gamers come in there trying to "inform" me on the 360 when they don't even own the console and they give false info.

No offense to people but who actually owns their own iPhone can actually test stuff?

I need answers from personal experience not what you heard, guess or simply think you know. If not then I guess i'm gonna have to find a iPhone orientated forum.
you could give me a try, but I'm not 100 percent sure I'll know the answer. I just got it, but I still know a lot about it
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iPhone and iTouch OS are damn near the same, but the questions I have asked would require personal experience with an iPhone or just simply having the knowledge from maybe a friend. But in my experience many people who "have a friend who owns it" tend to still not know what they're talking about. I'm not talking specifically about this thread but about anything in general.

Even if you have had an iTouch for the last 6 months, there is no way you would know if you could still use iPhone without service, how easy it is to use free WiFi instead of 3G network (you get charged for this), if you are charged for activation even if you already have a contract, or if iPhone is alot slower than iTouch unless of course you have direct experience with it.

Hell, if all you had to do was use an iTouch to know these things then I would know the answer myself as I am already fluent with the iTouch OS, but an iPhone still isn't an iTouch and there are many technical things involved. Hell from what I have read you used to only be able to use you iPhone if you had a service (that includes music). Apparently this was changed on the 3G version, but unless you own an iPhone yourself, or were able to find a credible source you wouldn't know this.

SO! All I want to know is the following:

Can you still use the WiFi service to connect to a wireless router for free online service without being charged?

Do I need to pay some kind of activation fee for the iPhone despite me already having a contract with AT&T?!
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Who said I haven't done research?

I was researching while this forum was up... I simply asked a question to iPhone OWNERS and you are someone who is also only interested in getting one, therefore you are not an owner. I do not doubt you know how to USE one, as I can already use it myself because I know people who have it, but since it was the weekend, and I was extremely hung over I wasn't about to go through the trouble of looking for them.

I have found out that yes you can use wifi because you can go to the settings and turn wi-fi on which was a more precise answer. You said this yes, but you also said you were only assuming and I needed solid concrete answers as an iPhone is a very expensive buy.

I also found out that unless you are eligible for an "upgrade" it will cost you $200 extra in price. 2nd, some have said that if you are not eligible for an upgrade that a 2 year contract is required which is basically no good for me seeing as I already have a contract.

But my brother told me a friend of his bought one from the street for $100 and was using it, so either he was using someone else service or their is some way to transfer your number to the iPhone, so now it's back to more research.

So I need to find out if I can simply transfer my number to an iPhone that I buy or if I HAVE to start a new contract.

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