Rabbids Go Home confirmed (not a joke)


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Jan 27, 2009
Check out scans at the link...

Though the three party games the Rabbids have now appeared in give some vague context to their existence, the upcoming Rabbids Go Home is the one that truly expands upon their story and gives the fuzzy little creatures a twisted and unforgettable adventure to take on."

"So what's the story behind this Rabbids adventure? The Rabbids want to go home. Where's home? Not even the Rabbids know for sure, but the moon has caught their attention—and become "home" in the process. Now the Rabbids must collect and build a pile of junk high enough that they can reach the moon. It's an odd setup, and from what we can tell, the story is the sanest part of the game."

"When playing the game, you control two Rabbids at once: one who sits inside a shopping cart, and another who pushes it. Collecting junk is as easy as touching it ot make it fly into your cart, though some pieces require an extra step. For instance, if you want to collect the clothes off one of the many human citizens in the world, you use your "Bwah!" attack to scare the clothes right off of their bodies, leaving them shivering in their underwear."

"Items aren't just for building a mountain to the moon. "Lots of the stuff the Rabbids snag throughout the adventure will give players new abilities for moving or attacking with the shopping cart."