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looking for ACCF friends
Jan 25, 2009
Cairo, Missouri
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Anyone else here a Radio Controlled airplane pilot besides me? Flight has always been a passion of mine, and I love to fly RC airplanes. I have a Blade CP Pro Heli, a Pitts S2A biplane, and a new arrival. It's an F/A 18E Super Hornet ducted fan jet. It flies over 70 MPH and should be a blast to fly. Unfortunately since I have had it built, it's been very windy here, so I have not had the maiden flight yet, but I'm very anxious to get this bird in the air. Should be a blast! Here are a couple of pics of me and my plane, and all of my aircraft.


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We already had a thread going for this that you started about a month ago:

Nice F/A 18 though, who makes it? (Maybe you should re-post this post into the other thread to continue any discussion, instead of having a duplicate thread).

For some reason I thought that thread was lost in the crash. I should have looked harder. Sorry for starting a new thread.
I have a little rc helicopter those things are hard to fly!

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