Real sad woman

1 word comes to mind. it starts with an s and ends in a t. their is a u and an l in their too
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Let me guess sult...LMAO XD...yeah but i know the*t
i almost died laughing when they said "courageous". oh, now s#%ts r considered courageous???

i would say that she is probably an actor they hired to boost ratings (maury seems more of a jerry springer kind of show whithout the fights)

but seriously, if shes not CLOSE YOUR DAMN LEGS U F$%KING B%TCH
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i beat ya he's joking...........and if he isn't..........WTF!!!!!????
HAHHAHAHAHHA!!!! This thread made me crack up. Dumb bihatch, stop spreading her meat sticks and maybe she won't have to worry about who's the father.