release dates


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Aug 7, 2006
i am a HUGE Mario fan, and was wondering when his latest titles are coming out. now, when i get the wii downloading all his games (and a few of his spinoffs) will hold me 4 a while, but i want 2 know when the new titles r coming out, so if any1 can provide me with the release dates of confirmed mario titles 4 the wii, i would appreciate it. thanks:)
well mario galaxy is the only name I now of mario that is coming for wii but I really do not know the realease date. I think thatthere is a possibility that mario galaxy will be one of the games that comes at the same time that the wii is coming. ( I forgot how they are called )
I believe mario galaxy wasn't a releasegame, so it's not coming out at the same time as the Wii.