Jul 14, 2006
I've gotta try staying away from all the Wii blogs including this forum.

Nothing bad, but the more news I hear about the Wii just makes me want to go retarded.

That's how badly I want one, if there was a way for me to get one now I'm willing to kill someone (someone I don't like ofcoarse).:lol:

All said and done, I'll probably be back on my computer in 5 minutes looking for more news about the Wii and cruisin' this forum again.:tard:
I might also start being a regular here, it is a great Wii resource. It pretty much gives info as soon as it comes out, and I dont have to go sifting around for it.

Who is the Main Admin person here?

Don't worry about "retardedness" you won't. Wii will be released soon enough, and hype is only good for you.
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I'm back!:tard:

Likewise, keep up the great work!
Well Im back each 5 minutes anyway, I like the wii and Im very obsecive here... ah and the only admin here is i0n, phimuajedi69 and Mr_Stoukaph are super moderators (Mr_Stoukaph was added like a week ago) and Homicidal_Gamer which is in charge of the Wii news section