Review: We Sing UK Hits 2 Mic Pack and We Sing Rock!


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Jul 7, 2011

Nordic Games has certainly cornered the Wii karaoke market with its popular We Sing franchise, and I had the perfect opportunity to try out the games for myself over this past holiday period party season, where they proved to be a huge success and really had everybody laughing and singing along and generally having a lot of fun. It was fantastic to see all the party guests joining in, from teenagers to 80+-year-olds! I tested out two different We Sing games on my festive guinea pigs – The We Sing UK Hits Two Mic Pack, which comes with not only a copy of the game, but also two Logitech USB mics, and We Sing Rock!, which in this case was just the standalone game, but which is also available as a two-mic pack. Other available We Sing games include a German hits version, an Australian hits version, a Pop version and a Robbie Williams version. I found that with the UK Hits and Rock playlists, we had songs from enough different eras and genres to keep everyone happy. Amidst our wide age range, everyone was able to find a song they liked and wanted to try to sing, be it Tina Turner’s The Best for one of the older guests, or Tinie Tempah’s Pass Out for the younger participants. [/FONT]


[FONT=&amp]The game is very easy to set up and get started – simply plug the mics into the USB sockets and away you go. If you’re playing alone or want to practice before singing with your friends, you can opt for Solo Mode or Lessons, which actually help to train your voice to match notes in the game. If there’s two or more of you playing though, Party Mode is the way to go – this has lots of different ways in which you can either sing in harmony with, or try to outdo, your friends and family. In We Sing mode, which proved to be very popular at my party, from two to four players sing together, either as different singers or on different parts of the song. Another popular mode was Pass the Mic, where you pass the mic around and each singer sings a section of the song. One thing that I really liked about the games was the Rap Analysis Performance System (R.A.P.S), which appears on the screen during rap sections, and which scores you on how well you rap to the words of the song, so that it’s not just the good singers that get rewarded, but also the skilled rappers. The bars onscreen, such as the Timing and Pitch Bars are very easy to follow, and what I found was that it was up to the individual player just how seriously they wanted to take the game. If you’re more of a bellower who just wants to have a bit of a laugh, the game doesn’t penalize you too much, but if you want to take it a little more seriously and actually keep precisely to the correct pitch and timing and get a little technical, then you’ll be well rewarded. We certainly had a fantastic time at our party with these two games, a great, value-for-money way to bring karaoke to your party and I can certainly recommend them. [/FONT]

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