RTA1025W connects to ds lite but not to wii...help!


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May 3, 2009
Hi, I'm a complete newbie to networking so please bear with me... I have the RTA1025W wireless modem. My nintendo ds lite connects perfectly with the RTA1025W, however my nintendo wii does not recognise any signal from the router – when I test the wii for a signal I receive from the wii the error code that means that there is no signal. I moved the computer with the router only 10 feet away from the wii to check whether there was a distance issue. The firmware of the wii is 3.1. Can anyone please suggest how I can get the wii to work on this router – bearing in mind that it does work with the ds lite. Thanks!
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....tried unplugging and then plugging...but it didn't work - any other suggestions?
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....apologies for my ignorance, but what is a "pass code" - as mentioned, the ds lite works but the wii doesn't...
Mines writen on the outside of my router. Its also called a web key. Its basicaly a password that you enter when trying to connect from anything, onto a locked network. You have to have it entered on each device that uses the router, or you wont be able to connect.

If your router is unlocked (meaning you dont have a web key/ never entered one to connect.) then that wouldnt be the problem.

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