SD Cards


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Nov 16, 2006
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What if any SD cards are you going to have at the Wii launch. I got a 512 mb. card for lots of Metroid :)
i'm pretty much relying on the internal memory, but other than that i found a 8 mb sd card in an old camera. awesome!
I have a 2 Gig card that I bought for my old cell phone. I was going to sell it until the info was released that the Wii will use SD cards so it has been sitting on my desk waiting for a Wii to be put in to.
I'm going to shell out for an 8Gb SD Card. Only half the capacity of an XBox hard-drive, but twice as reliable, and twice as fast. Plus i can whack in all my photos and MP3s and have them cranking thru my surround sound. Win all round I think... (cept for the prices of 8Gb SD cards atm..)
How much do 8gb cards even go for?! Probably more than the damn Wii itself. Just buy a Ps3 if your going to do that. :lol:

Well I found the answer myself. $280! Are you out of your mind? Go buy a Ps3 which comes with a 60gb and a Blu-Ray drive if your going to shell out that kind of cash just for 8 gigitys.
I have 3 sd card 2 512's and one 1gig....gonna use a 512 that gives me a gig total with the internal...should be enough but madden always uses too much memory....its all good though Im not gonna buy madden until I beat zelda and red steel.
Same here, I'll wait a bit before I buy one so I can get the most Mb for the £.
How much internal memory does the Wii actually have?
It has 512 megs, but this is also needed to store Virtual Console games. I think realistically 2-4Gig should be ample. 200 songs plus quite a few photos, and PLENTY of space for saved games. SONY's 60Gig hard-drive seems overkill.