SEGA Genesis VC Launch Titles Leaked


Waluigi The Great
Jun 12, 2006
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ESRB, the authority behind the game ratings you see all over NTSC videogames, has “accidentally” revealed some upcoming American Wii Virtual Console titles.All rated “E for Everyone,” the following SEGA Genesis games will be available on the Virtual Console from launch:

Ecco The Dolphin

Altered Beast

Toe Jam & Earl

Golden Axe


Sonic the Hedgehog


Oh my god! Echo the Dolphin will bring back some childhood memories. I gotta get that. Strange as it is, I was just thinking about this game not long ago. I freakin loved it when it came out for my Genesis

And holy hell, Altered Beast! This game is one of the first games I ever played. Me and my dad played coop in that game for hours and hours. Wow... I had forgotten about that one. Another must have.
I loved how the first power up which you get on altered beast only makes a bit of your guys shirt fall off and does nothing else visually :)
Old news
Sega are anoying its the same title every time
Yea, they look like some pretty good games. Unfortunatly the only one I know from that list is Sonic.