Sensor Bar

no prices have been released yet for the individual components, although its pretty safe to assume that the sensor bar will be included in any console you package you buy.

Afterall the Wiimote wont work without it :)
yeah i would turn on nintendo if they pulled a sony on me, making me have to buy the memory card seperate, and for the ps3 you have to buy an adapter just so you can play ps2 games on the ps3. and then the remote for the xbox, just so you can play dvds, i mean cmon!.

i wouldnt want to have to go out and buy a sensor bar just so i can play the wii. i mean they wouldnt sell the wii package so you would have to go out and buy acsessories.

but it would be resonable if they sold it with the package. theyre probably also going to include a nunchuck attachment, 512 memory card thing, and suposedly it comes with a remade duckhunt, and wii sports, but that was on that fake note i read.
yes u do get a wii, infact iOn gave me a wii and i'm actually typing this from the web browser that coem with wii, but yea the sensor bar comes with the system...its has to
pizzaluvr said:
at least you could play dvds unlike a certain unnamed console
Wii dosen't need a DVD player it already has tons of things 360 & PS3 don't have.
welcome, but a tip on posting. . . check the date of what you are responding to. The conversation you responded to took place before Nintendo officially anounced what was in the box. So these guys obviously know that the sensor bar comes with the wii by now. Try to respond to fresh threads. again, welcome
The Wii comes packaged with the Sensor Bar, you don't need to buy it seperate.