Shigeru Miyamoto bags another award


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Feb 7, 2007
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Mr. Miyamoto gets another reward this time a Lifetime Achievement reward...Good work Mr. Miyamoto :bacon: :bacon: :bacon:


Shigeru Miyamoto already has a ton of achievements under his belt - a Lifetime Achievement award in Japan being among the most recent. He added another one to his shelf when he went to London last week to receive a British Academy of Film and Television Arts Fellowship at the GAME British Academy Video Games Awards.

"It's a great honor that my name might be listed as a fellowship member along with such a great director as Hitchcock," said the acclaimed gamesmith. Ever the humble artist, Miyamoto steered away from suggestions that his work in video games are comparable to classic films. "I have never said that video games (are) an art," he said.

The fellowship is the highest award granted by the academy, given only to those who've made tremendous waves in creative work. Other recipients include Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick.
via Shigeru Miyamoto get lifetime achievement reward
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