Shigeru Miyamoto's Unconventional Thinking - Peanut Butter


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Jun 26, 2006
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Nintendo Announces Scraping of Peanut Butter on Playing Card

I found this article recently, some of you might have heard of this before, but this is new stuff to me. It dates back to E3 2003 where Shigeru Miyamoto explains to the interviewer about the new angle of gameplay for their next/new-gen console to be released a few years later. Take specific note of how he explains his concept in very abstract terms and how he has taken a completely unconventional approach to the new generation of gaming and presenting ideas.

Just from his style of talking and how he conveys his idea through the symbol of the peanut butter on a playing card we can see this is a genius at work. What do you guys think?
its YUMMY.

it is MOST CERTAINLY a work of pure genius! it totally changed my view of Shigeru Miyomoto. With the innovation, its no wonder the wii came up

A great find!