Should i Sell my Xbox 360 for a Wii?


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Sep 19, 2006
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I dont know if i should.. I was gonna get a Wii for christmas.. Should i just wait for christmas or what??? Oh yeah and when are they avalable again in Kallispell MT cause my mom probly wont be able to get on by christmas..
OH YEAH i played Exite Truck at Gamestop and it was cool.. The graphics realy sucked for exite truck, And its the boringest game ever.. BUT!! i made a Mii so yeah anyways..
well I dont think you'll be able to get one right now because they're sold out in most areas and there is gonna be more before christmas so I think you should wait
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Yeah but should i go sell my Xbox 360 for a Wii and just get it next shipment.. Cause i dont think my mom can get one on the next shipment.. They'll probly be sold out by other people buying them...
well I have a 360 and I use it for different kind of gaming, my Wii is for more fun gaming and not for graphics, I use my 360 for good graphics and HD but its up to you
To me, I say do it, sell your xbox 360 for the Wii.
And where the hell is the poll option ?
I will never find it:frown2:
personally i wouldnt swap a xbox 360 for a wii, keep your 360 it has great game titles and hey your arm wont get tired ;)
I cant name atleast 10 good Xbox 360 games that dont have different versions (like Halo and collectors editions) and that are only Xbox 360 only's.
Personally, I wouldn't sell the 360 we have for a Wii if you're getting a Wii for christmas (it's my brothers 360 so I couldn't sell it anyways. =P).

Now if it were PS3 we were talking about...
No just find some other way to get the money. I would never sell my 360 for a Wii even though the Wii is usually funner than the 360 I can play my 360 whenever I want but if I'm tired or something its not very fun to stand up and swing your arms around all day. So I would just keep your 360 and wait for the Wii.
If you can manage, keep both consoles. I'm actually planning to purchase an Xbox 360 in a few days.

I really want HD gaming as well with a great software library, and HD video downloads.
Do NOT sell the 360 for the Wii if you are a hardcore gamer. I absolutely LOVE my Wii, but I would be a sad man without the 360's XBox Live. Keep the 360 and get a Wii when you can swing it.