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Jul 22, 2006
I think that there should be a limit to peoples signiture sizes as currently it seems as though people's sigs can be any size they want. Its just annoying to see a massive sigs which take up a lot of the page.
It takes up nearly three times the size of a person with a signature size like mine
in touch with the wii said:
so? if you shorten it you stop the limits of your creativty and thats just wrong
You right but people would just rather get to reading the posts on the topics instead of being annoyed massive size of the sigs.
Must admit, i prefer small sig images, i've let it slide lately but beginning to notice larger and larger signatures.

I'll work out a common and acceptable size and post an announcement shortly.
Flexy said:
I just turned off viewing signatures.
thats a very resonable solution. people who dont want sigs taking up so much space should just not view them. i dont really care because my browser doesnt allow me to see any pictures on here besides attached images and avatars. if someone posts a picture on here then i have to use Internet explorer to see it (im using firefox right now)
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