Single greatest feature of the Wii


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Nov 20, 2006
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Well, this is my first post on these boards. The board seems to be a friendly and productive one, and I'm sure once issues with defective Wii's have been settled, the board will become even better.

And, as I haven't quite yet gotten a Wii of my own, I'd like to stray from the topic of glitches and defects, and ask...

What has surprised you most about the Wii? What feature, game, etc, has just completely swept you off your feet, if anything? I'm excited about getting my hands on a Wii, and I'd like to hear what your best experiences so far have been with it.

This board looks like a great one, and I can't wait to join the community.
wii that game is a good time. i thought it would be good but damn, it's a very very enjoyable game that is simply a blast to play with friends or family, specially non gamer friends or family.
I was suprised by all of the subtle things like the rumble going off whenever your cursor is over things on the menu. It adds a nice touch. Not essential, but nice.
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It's great to hear some positive feedback about the Wii! With everyone who got a hold of a flawless Wii offline playing right now, there's been a good deal of negative feedback.

I know Zelda will be an incredible game, but has anyone played Rayman: Raving Rabbids, or Super Monkey Ball? I'll probably be choosing between them for my second game (possibly madden also), and I'm having trouble finding negative feedback about either >.<

Zelda is off the chart awesome. As good as you've heard and as good as you've's better.

However, the biggest surprise has been the Mii system and the whole console/menu system. Extremely well has a personality all it's own. You'll be able to spend hours just in the Mii maker...that and no more of my son telling fibs about how long he spent playing video games...the damned system logs every minute in every game AND the menus and keeps it at your fingertips. I'm giddy about how much I love this thing.

Biggest diappointment so far: Red Steel is a bit of a letdown.
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I was looking forward to Red Steel, but with my limited funds and its mixed reviews (both official and from players on this board), I feel it's a better idea to steer clear of it for now and pick up a game I know I'll like.
you will LOVE!!! the wii sports my fave one is boxing! next is tenis then baseball and I dont like sports!!! but is fun with this system! lol well I do like boxing but I hate other sports.:p
I actually like Red Steel when it comes to a solid FPS game for the Wii. It boasts some of the most realistic graphics so far bested only by Zelda. Being a PC gamer for years the use of the wiimote to aim and the joystick to strife/walk was an easy transformation. It isn't quite the WASD/Mouse combo that I use on the pc so I do admit it took some getting used to. FPS noobs need not apply to Red Steel as the learning curve is a little steep and the AI are relentless when it comes to using dirty tricks and quick surprises to kill you. Good game when you adapt to it, but still if you're new to FPS games on the PC then getting used to Red Steel will take some time.
Yea, I too have found myself surprisingly in love with Wii Sports. I thought it would be a real nice "Hey guys, this is what the Wii can do" title, but not much more. However, its the title I have spent the most time with so far. Other games I got are:

Tony Hawk Downhill: Its okay, personally I expected this title to be a little better. I think its mostly due to the learning curve and that I have not spent much time with it so far, I'm sure once I really get it down it will be alot more fun (considering the reviews and my love for snowboarding games). One thing I discovered in my last few minutes of play is that its ALOT easier and more enjoyable to just use your right hand when steering, and grab on with your left when your doing tricks :-D

Trauma Center: Awesome game, really...really awesome. This is the game my mother purchased (shes a nurse, hasn't wanted anything video game related my whole life but actually made me sit with her in line for the Wii launch to make sure we had one ON Sunday, lol) and I decided I'd give it a go too. Man, I am having a blast with it :-D

Monkey Ball: This is my first Monkey-Ball experience, but with the 50 mini games I wanted to grab it (we got 4 controllers, I have a brother and a sister, a father and a mother, and my girlfriend stays with us half the week...enough around to play all the time). Well, I was disappointed with it at first, but only because of my lack of experience with the Wii-Mote. I had a really tough time controlling the game at first, but the more I get into it the more I like it. Now I have finished the first three worlds and am proficient enough to fly off and find some nice short-cuts :-D, having a real good time with it now. I'm sure if your a Monkey Ball fan you will love it, and some of the mini-games are alot of fun too (darts is great).

Just wanted to add, is anyone else eagerly waiting the first real feature-full boxing game for the Wii? I am loving the boxing on sports, but its not really as responsive as I would like - would be great to see a more detailed title released.
Everything mentioned above is good. I love the Power-On button, too! I didn't expect it turn on the Wii. The biggest surprise for me was Wii Sports. Playing Bowling and Tennis is awesome. I don't know how much more fun it could get.
I played Wii sports until my arms were dead tired. I am still feeling it today. (That's only because I was really into it and swinging hard.) The best surprise was Wii Sports. The best feature is of course... the motion sensing controller!
im a european .. and i still have yet to see a wii .. so this is a good thread to read.. props for the thread .. but my only suprise im gettin is that wii sports is actually good .. usually all the free games the systems comes with BLOW lol .. im glad to see that nintendo hasnt faild us