slow times


Jul 29, 2006
Wii Online Code
is it me or is the river of wii news running abit dry it has been fairly slow latly on the website i love it none the less

<edit> i just released it is my 123 post that is just cool
Nintendo is well known for their secrecy which is one of the reasons I admire them so much. I can't wait for the surpises that the Wii has in store for us.
Maybe more of nintendo fans watching and waiting on their computers for 8hrs+ and wii'ing there pants with excitement to find out that all wii get to see is like 2 games! AND MAYBE THEY WILL SCREW US OVER AGAIN!!!! I WANT TO KILL SOME1!
I want to do it too! Can't just wait, and there is nothing to do, just wait for the wii!

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