Smash Bros. DS


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Jun 5, 2006
It just seems like the perfect idea. Does anyone know if it will be/ever will be coming out?
^-- not really, just bc its on the ds doesn't mean it has to use the stylus for control. it would work out worlds better for character selection (just tap your choice instead of thumbing through all the characters) and the fighting would be controlled on the normal buttons

i think it'd be a cool idea, though it prolly won't happen until brawl is released
I read about this somewhere. The Super Smash Bros. creator said that he isn't making a DS version because he's busy with Brawl. The way he said it (which I believe is on the official sight) was certainly believable that he has considered about doing it for DS.
I think it's a good idea but i agree that the control might be sloppy