Snes Controllers On A Gba (wtf)


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May 30, 2006
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More here
but simply its just a way of useing a snes controller on your gba

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For fun
think about it a lota gba games where snes games
I dont think is a good idea, in fact is very stupid to me... a portatil console used with a platform controller??? :wtf:
Thank you Arcadium, it tis very stupid to conect another controller to a hand held device
another thing is how would you play it you'd have to sit your GBA on a flat surface and use the controllerr to play with it.

It's just an idea that alothugh very clever is very pointless
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hay i didnt make it (check the link) but it says that it also conects to the gb player
I know that but it still doesn't seem to be a very good idea