Sonic and the Secret Rings game details


Apr 30, 2006
In an exclusive interview with gaming site GameKult, SatSR Producer Yojiro Ogawa mentioned some details on previously undisclosed features of the game.

Ogawa says the single-player game will span 70 unique missions for Sonic and will take approximately 10 hours to complete.

He also mentioned the addition of bonus content and extra earnable items that will extend the playing hours of the title.

A multiplayer mode comprised of 30 separate mini-games will also be available for up to four players. Furthermore, downloadable content is a possibility the team is exploring currently.

According to Ogawa the development team had plans for Sonic to use the analog stick like previous 3D Sonic titles, and also to utilize the Wiimotes montion-sensing abilities. But due to 'physical strain' such a configuration was scrapped in favour of the current control method. (players hold the controller sideways to steer sonic)

Read the full interview here:

*on another note, apologies for the lack of news updates recently*
It's 10 times lower than the Zelda game, which is 100 hours, that's why I'm not really buying the game...

i0n said:
on another note, apologies for the lack of news updates recently

Maybe you have too much time in the PS3 forum :D