Spiny for brawl

Jun 5, 2006
Sydney Australia
Spiny for brawl

Spiny is a enermy in the super mario series. You might think he'd be a very bad choice but hear me out.

Spiny is usually dropped by lakitu but this doesn't mean he needs to be with lakitu lakitu could drop him on the stage for entrance but has no other influence on him.

There are many move sets and assets he could have.

Spiny has spikes on him so you would not be able to jump on him.

He also has the ability to walk on walls so if he could walk on walls with would make him very unique.

You may say the are many spinys as he just a enermy. but if you think is a reason to keep him out...... pikachu pichu jigglypuff and yoshi there is many of the

move set

B - Spike spin - Spiny drops on his back rapidly spinning wile spinning spiny can be fully controled by the player until you press B again. The opponent can also stop this by jumping on him as he spiks are now on the ground leaving him protected.

up & B - jump spike - spiny jumps while in the air he turns on him back and then comes down with his spikes pointing downwards dealing heavy damage to anyone below him. This also causes a ripple in the ground. Alough it doesn't reach far people caught near him and hit by the ripple will pay a heavy price.

down & B - Spike launcher- Spiny hides inside him shell a while he spikes fly off him dealing damage to anyone they hit. For a certain amount of time he will have no spikes making him vaunrable to attacks.

across & B - dash bite - spiny dashes forward and when you press B he will bite. his bite is werse then his bark. anyone caught in this will be at the players mercy. Spiny will clamp his teeth into then holding on to them. if you move the joystig left he will throw his head left dealing more damage wile his teeth are still clamped in the oppenent.;

Super Smash - spike fury - Lakitu Flies down and drops many spinys they all hide in their shells and fire there spikes off. This does not harm spiny after this move is over.

Entrance - lakitu drops him down and then flys off.
costumes - I have made his custumes for him.

nah, if hes in the game, he should be one of those pick up and throw things. or the ones that give u a special move for some time. maybe create a spike hurricane arround the player.
I think there mite b other characters further up the cuelol , but who knows, i hadn't even heard of Ness before the 64 version. Is K. Rool defo in the new 1? hope so i loved the dkc series.
MetroidZ said:
nah, if hes in the game, he should be one of those pick up and throw things.

Ganondorf234 said:
i think he should be adventure walking around like koopa troopa but you can not jump on he.

I agree with both of those, if he just walks around and you can't jump on him, maybe you could ground pound to turn him upside down, then pick him up and throw him.