SpongeBob SquarePants


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May 27, 2006
What do you think about them coming out with this game?
I mean I thought they were trying to not be a kiddy system this time around but then they are making a game like this.
I know the sponge bob games on gamecube were appauling! and i doubt they got much from releasing them. So why release one on the wii?
It is going to be fine becasue they are still going to release many older games for the older players but they have to give a few games for the kids.
Heh, SpongeBob has always been 1 of the things I loved playing, wand watching. Patrick is so stupid XD I wish to play this game for Wii.
Spongebob Appaling!! Shirley you Jest. I happen to own all the Spongebob games for gamecube and love all of them. I also happen to have an 8 year old but me and my wife both have beaten the games has well. The games are generally pretty good platformers with a few tough areas. The new one looks interesting, I have always liked the shooter genre and with the spongebob art design and sense of humor it might be pretty cool.
I think the game looks like fun! Even happier to find out (today) that it will be alongside the Wii on launch day.

Just thought i'd re4vive this thread, see what everyone else thinks of SpongeBob on Wii, seeing as many weren't pleased with the title in the first place... :lol:
I have purchased this game but haven't opened it yet. Just wondering whether anyone has now tried it and what are comments. Thinking about taking it back and getting raging rabbids instead.
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