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Jul 10, 2006
Georgia, USA
This is old news so many of you may have heard it already. . . But Spore, potentially the greatest game to ever be made, is supposed to launch for the DS. I think this is awesome for two reasons. The first being that the DS is not a top of the line performance machine - this means that the PC version of spore could have reasonalby low system requirements for installation. And second reason, this seems like the kind of game that might be fun to take on the go, especially with a wifi enabled system. Does anybody have any thoughts on this?

And a second thought, what if they were able to make it so that the DS version could sync up with the PC version; or in otherwords, you could play on the PC, and then take that game file with you on DS when you leave th house. This might be hard but who knows. . .
i Doubt spore will be for the ds because of the massive features on it, and i thoguht on g4 that they stated it was for the pc when they were speaking to will llyod wright.... do you have any info that says it might be on the ds?
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linking with the PC version

I imagine that this could be linked with the PC version much in the way a Palm can link with outlook on a PC - read and delete emails on the Palm (which has a different OS of course) and they will be read and deleted on you PC automatically. Of course this would mean that you could be on a DS in a wifi cafe in China and be accessing a changing files on your home computer in America. Thats kinda interesting, but maybe insecure. It would definitely be cool for the "Trading Card" aspect of the game the Will Wright was talking about - you know how you pick up creatures from different worlds and get a virtual trading card that holds info on the creature.

One more hting about that. . . I think it would be neat in Spore if you could name a species after you abduct/discover it - this way people could have different names for different things. I would hate to pick up a creature and have i named like "jons_test03.spr" I would rather have the ability to name things. So I hope the top of the "Virtual Cards" have a title where you can rename stuff - that should include species, vehicles, cities, and planets. I wonder if I can make humans in this game and have them all drive corvettes? And make a spaceship that looks like the spaceshuttle. That would be cool for novelty purposes. Sorry for the tangent - discuss the DS linking with PC - or discuss whatever you feel like I dont care
not a confirmed game, just rumor as of now until nintendo OFFICIALLY releases something on the matter...