Sports Games for the Wii


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Jun 5, 2006
Hello All,

My first post, so bear with me.

I'm wondering, Wii has already confirmed the release of both Madden 2007 Wii and Wii Sports. Can anyone confirm for me whether there will be a release of an NHL 2007 (whether by 2K Sports, EA or another producer) NBA 2007 (Same) or MLB 2007? I've been looking all over for this and haven't found a complete answer.

Most likely they will be released for the Wii, but nothing has been released saying their in the works. So there will probably not be a 2007, but rather a 2008.
You seem like a sports fan, I would recommend you get Wii Sports when it comes out with the Wii, should keep you busy while you wait for your other sport titles to be released. :)