SSBB Online?!?

Sep 24, 2006
Wii Online Code
Now Theres People Talking about Super Smash Bros Brawl bieng use as an online game as well. And at first Nintendo Said that they will make it an online Game however more and more that i see coming, it might be just a the only thing im wondering is ( and sorry if its a stupid question) is it going to be free to play online?!? we will conect with the wifi and on the nintendo ds the wifi is free, so im really not sure if the same thing is going to be for Wii. I for one is hoping so!
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in touch with the wii said:
all games that are online includung ssbb are free online once you bought it you only need to pay for broadband there
thats not all true, like ill take the example of the game Phantasy Star Online 1&2 or 3 you had to pay for the broadband and you also had a 10$ charge every month so yeah
but could you imageine beating a guy in japan (no offence) when your a sea away thats sweet but nintendo is doing regon coded wii online damn you
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You know what im sorry i post this thread lol i was a noob when i post it and sorry lol now i know way better trust me
It has been comfirmed numerous times that SSBB is going to have online playability.