Stolen wii


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Apr 16, 2009
How do I go about tracking down a Wii system that was stolen yesterday?
Someone broke into my dad's house and Nintendo basically says they can't do anything because there are too many systems out there.
We have the friend code, and I know they can track it if they go online (which I am sure they will).

It was stolen in Laurel, DE area.


They probably wont take it online but they will sell it to a unsuspecting customer

For $500 you could probably get another
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Yeah, he has homeowners... The main thing is they took their computer too, and it had pictures and voice recordings from my sister that passed away. It's more sentimental than anything... and so violating!!! Thanks for the input tho:)
put up ads with a rewards for the hardrive, not just tthe computer. you want that harddrive more than anything else that was taken
sure, he could buy another one, but if he's like me (mine was also stolen last week), you want the priceless data you've worked so hard for on your system. could we get some actual helpful information about tracking?
Damn. Sorry for your loss. I hate thieves. Hope they catch whoever did this and enforce maximum penalties.

About the Wii. Probably no way to track it. Well, it probably could be done but Nintendo probably doesn't have the resources for such an endeavor.

You're better off trying to track the laptop tho. which if found will most likely accompany the Wii :)

If you live in a small city you could check pawnshops and search and other places.

Now, if you think they are going to use the laptop and go online you might be in luck. You see, every time you go online your IP address is recorded or "logged" at every site you visit. This isn't helpful to you but the police can obtain a warrant from the ISP, and unless it is a public WIFI network (like at coffee shops etc.) they can get the actual physical address to whoever owns it.

A little trick to capture an IP address is through an image hosted on your own server. You have to be sure the image will not be visited or viewed by ANYONE else except the target. And also set it to block crawlers and bots with .htcaccess too so it wont index on search engines etc. and to make your logs tidy.

You can use this image in Email to capture the IP address. Really you can send it anywhere, like if you know yahoo chat is probably going to be logged in auto, and running on start up you could start a convo and they might reply and then send them a link to the image and they might take the bait.

Why does this help? Well you can bet the thief is snooping through your computer and if your user names and passwords for your email addresses and other accounts are stored and he can access them, there is a chance he might do so.

How to do it? Send yourself an email from a different account, preferably from one of your contacts so it wont filter as spam, with the subject line something very irresistible like: "You needed my credit card info to buy that _____ online Here you go" (Dont actually send your credit card info:sick:)

Embed the image in the message, not as an attachment, and It would be perfect if the image was just white space with your fake credit card info text on it. This will up the chances of the target clicking it. But if your email account is like most which automatically download the images as soon as you login you're set.

Then you just keep an eye on whose been downloading the image in your logs and you will have their IP :p

You pay me $500 now?

:p Haha

If you need a image hosted let me know. More than happy to help!
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Really, Trollface... ? >_>;

...You think I'm just making this **** up son? Sure its a little "advanced" maybe for the average user, but unless you wanna do something illegal this is the easiest way.